Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Bayeux


We drove from Paris to Bayeux.  We wanted to use Bayeux as the starting place for our day of Normandy WWII site-seeing. Bayeux was a beautiful city, and we were lucky enough to have a great view of the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Bayeux from our hotel room window (we stayed at Churchill Hotel and highly recommend it). I photographed the cathedral two nights in a row – the first night was foggy, so I couldn’t resist taking more pictures of the cathedral against a dark, clear sky on our second night in Bayeux. On our way out of Bayeux we stopped at the cathedral so that we could walk around the inside of it – it was fairly early, so I was surprised and thankful that it was already open. I would have been sad had I not gotten to see the inside of the cathedral that I had thoroughly enjoyed photographing the exterior of the building.

The cathedral was consecrated on July 14, 1077, and was rebuilt following extensive damage during the 1100s.

The fog provided both a nice challenge and a beautiful, blue backdrop against which to photograph the cathedral.

Notre Dame Cathedral – Bayeux

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2015 Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse

Anybody who knows me knows that I’m a pretty big nerd — it’s okay, I came to terms with it long ago and learned that it was way easier to embrace my nerdiness rather than try to hide it.  My husband and I were pretty excited about tonight’s supermoon total lunar eclipse.  We spent a good portion of the night in the alley behind our house…sitting in lawn chairs and observing (and photographing) the eclipse.

This is the first photograph that I took of the eclipse.  I took it with my 18-250mm lens and then quickly remembered that I own a 50-500mm lens, which I promptly switched to.

8:15 PM

The photographs that I took with my 50-500mm lens are much more zoomed-in.  I struggled to get decent photos as the eclipse progressed but wanted to include them in this post anyways in an attempt to show a decent progression of the eclipse.

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Night Photos of La Ville Lumière

Prior to embarking on our trip to France, I contacted a good friend of mine from college (Chris — who had just gotten back from Paris) to see whether or not he brought his tripod with him on their trip, and, if he did, whether or not it was worth the hassle.  I brought my tripod with me on the December 2014 trip that Bryan and I took to New York City, but I did not use it a single time.  I didn’t want to bring it along on our trip to France if it was just going to sit in our hotel room the whole time.  Chris more or less said, Sarah — Paris is The City of Light, if you’re going to bring your tripod on only one trip, it should be this one.  Chris took some excellent night shots during their trip to Paris, and he made a convincing argument in favor of toting a tripod overseas, so I made the decision to bring mine — and because I decided to bring it, I told myself that I would definitely use it — no ifs, ands, or buts.

For being such a populous city and popular tourist destination, it was surprisingly easy to find places in Paris to set-up a tripod (without inconveniencing others) in an attempt to get nighttime shots of many of their popular tourist destinations.  Bryan patiently (and graciously) escorted me around the city late at night (it did not get dark in April until after 10 PM) so that I could take photos of the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, and Notre Dame.

The first stop that we made for nighttime pictures was Pont Alexandre III, one of the many bridges that crosses the Seine in Paris and a location that Chris suggested for getting photos of the Eiffel Tower at night.  The location definitely did not disappoint, and being able to get portions of the bridge, the Siene, and a neighboring bridge all in the same photograph as the Eiffel Tower made the photos a little more interesting.  Here are two of my favorite shots from that location.

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