2015 Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse

Anybody who knows me knows that I’m a pretty big nerd — it’s okay, I came to terms with it long ago and learned that it was way easier to embrace my nerdiness rather than try to hide it.  My husband and I were pretty excited about tonight’s supermoon total lunar eclipse.  We spent a good portion of the night in the alley behind our house…sitting in lawn chairs and observing (and photographing) the eclipse.

This is the first photograph that I took of the eclipse.  I took it with my 18-250mm lens and then quickly remembered that I own a 50-500mm lens, which I promptly switched to.

8:15 PM

The photographs that I took with my 50-500mm lens are much more zoomed-in.  I struggled to get decent photos as the eclipse progressed but wanted to include them in this post anyways in an attempt to show a decent progression of the eclipse.

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