Weekly Photo Challenge – Life Imitates Art

The Daily Post issues weekly photo challenges.  I’m sure that the challenges are intended for people to use to create new photographs that intentionally meet the requirements of the challenge, which I’m sure would help improve my creativity and photography greatly, but I’m just not sure how to make that work with the constraints of my location.  I want to participate in the weekly photo challenges, though, so I decided that I’d create new photos when I can…and select old photographs for the challenge when I can’t create a new one.

This week’s challenge is “life imitates art.”  When I think of something living imitating artwork, one photograph in particular always comes to mind.  I took this photograph, which I titled Houston Street Meets Abbey Road, when I was in college.  The people in the picture are fellow chemical engineers, and they were all on the same plant design time.  They wanted me photograph them recreating The Beatles’ Abbey Road album cover on the Texas A&M University campus so that they could use the photograph on the cover of their final project design book.  This crosswalk on Houston Street (between Sbisa and Lechner Hall) ended up being the perfect place to recreate the Abbey Road album cover.  This photograph is on my Flickr page and has been viewed 11,158 times (probably because  it has Beatles-esque tags) — I only have three photos with more views than this one.

Houston Street Meets Abbey Road

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