Château de Chenonceau – Part 2


Château de Chenonceau was the first chateau that we visited during our time in the Loire Valley.  If you’re planning a trip to the Loire Valley and are trying to decide how many chateau to plan on seeing, I recommend planning to spend about half a day at each chateau.  We could have easily spent longer than half a day at Chateau de Chenonceau (the inside is still furnished, and the grounds are lovely), but we really wanted to have ample time to see Château de Chaumont and the International Garden Festival that day, as well.

I took so many pictures during our time at Chateau de Chenonceau.  I won’t be able to include all of them in one blog post, so I’m splitting it into three parts.  This one will include pictures from the inside of the chateau.  The first post includes photographs from the outside of the chateau, Diane’s garden, and Catherine’s garden; it also includes more information on the history of the chateau.  The third post will focus on the grounds, and a fourth post will include photographs of some of the beautiful flower arrangements from inside of the chateau, as well as photographs of paintings of Chateau de Chenonceau.

Immediately when you enter the chateau, there is a small chapel on the left.

Chapel in Chateau de Chenonceau

Chapel in Chateau de Chenonceau

There was quite a bit of artwork displayed throughout the chapel.  Some of the paintings portrayed scenes from the Bible, while others were portraits of people associated with the chateau.

La Mise Au Tombeau (The Entombment) by Sebastiano del Piombo

Catherine de’ Medici

Jesus Chasing the Merchants from the Temple by Jean-Baptiste Jouvenet

It was evident that much thought went into every design detail of Chateau de Chenonceau.  This room was one of my favorites because of the green textile on the wall (see above photograph) and the green details on the ceiling.

A Very Green Room

The gallery, shown below, is the part of the chateau that bridges the Cher River.  You can see the river through all of the windows in the gallery.

Chateau de Chenonceau Gallery

Black & White Floor Shoe-Selfie

Staircase Ceiling

Decorative Firewood Holder

Door & Wallpaper

The part of the chateau that we enjoyed the most was easily the kitchen.  There were many pots and pans, knives, a butcher block, storage bins, a bread oven, and many other things to see.

Butcher Block

Hooks for Hanging Meat & A Boar’s Head

Knives & Cleavers

Kitchen & Dining Room

Bread Oven


Dining Room

View of Cher River from Inside the Chateau

Elaborate Ceiling

Elaborate Ceiling in the Bedroom of the Five Queens

Elaborate Ceiling in the Bedroom of the Five Queens

Travel Trunk

HUGE Bed in the Bedroom of the Five Queens

Bedroom of Diane de Poitiers


Restoring an 18th Century Painting of Louis XIV

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