Shenandoah National Park – Part 3


Our first day in Shenandoah National Park ended with a lovely sunset.  I had hoped to get to watch the sun setting over the Blue Ridge Mountains at some point during our trip but hadn’t anticipated getting to mark if off the list on the first day.  We even got to watch a few deer grazing, to boot!

White Tail Deer

Great Place to Watch the Sunset

After we watched the sunset, we headed over to Big Meadows Lodge, our home for the night.  Our room was cozy…and a bit interesting.  The bathroom was accessed by a teeny, tiny, super-narrow staircase.  It was a bit noisy while the restaurant was open because our room was located right above the kitchen.  After the restaurant closed, it was nice and quiet.  We ate at the restaurant that evening and thoroughly enjoyed our meal.

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