Light Fixtures, Doors, & Windows

There’s not much to see on our lot yet — the pad for the foundation has been prepped, and this week they’re trenching for plumbing.  In the meantime, our builder has had us choose all of our light fixtures, and today Bryan went to Amarillo select exterior doors and windows.  I don’t feel comfortable stealing pictures from the manufacturers’ websites, so there aren’t any pictures in this post, but there are a lot of links.

We didn’t initially set out with the intention of having a home that looks like a traditional bungalow on the inside.  We figured that we’d have the bungalow look on the outside and then would just do…whatever on the inside; however, that didn’t really sit well with us.  We really want to have a somewhat cohesive look.  Bryan has purchased several books on the interiors of traditional bungalow homes, and we’ve discovered that we can easily recreate that look without having to spend more money than we would otherwise.  We’ve always loved that look and are hoping that it’ll age well and we’ll still love it in 30 years.

For exterior lights (I’m super excited about these) I chose to go with lights entirely from Maxim’s Coldwater collection.  We’ll have two types of their wall lights and one type of their “close to ceiling” light.

For interior lights I chose to go with schoolhouse-style light fixtures.  We’ll have two sizes of this light fixture — smaller ones in our entryway and bigger ones in our dining area.  We’ll also have schoolhouse fixtures in our bathrooms — 4 bulbs for the master bathroom and 3 bulbs for the other bathrooms.

The other fixtures that I’m excited about are these stained glass fixtures that I picked out for the living room.

For windows, Bryan chose to go with Quaker Brighton windows.  Our house has 39 windows (we’re excited about all of the natural light we’ll have), and we’ll have a mix of picture, single-hung, awning, and casement windows.  They’ll be Quaker’s “redwood” shade (a deep red) on the outside; we’re still trying to determine whether or not to just stain the interior or to paint them white.  We’ve chosen wooden exterior grids in a 3-over-1 pattern.

Our front door is going to be a Therma-Tru door with arborwatch glass.  We’re purchasing the door un-stained so that our builder can stain it to match the color of our garage door.  We’ll have an identical door (though we may go with a plain glass option) going into the front of our mudroom (this door will be at the front of our house).  The doors going into the backyard from the garage and the house will all be much plainer (half glass with built-in blinds; no grids or muntins).  

Our interior doors are going to be Masonite Winslow doors.  We’ve chosen to use solid doors for the bathrooms (so that hooks can be installed on the back of them) and hollow-core doors everywhere else.

We are going to have a few columns on the front of the house and one in the backyard.  We’re currently planning on using Coronado “Creek Rock” in the southwest blend colorway.

For the garage door, we’ve selected a Clopay Canyon Ridge Collection, Ultragrain Series in design 12 with top 11 in “ultra grain cypress walnut finish.”  It’ll basically look like a big/brown version of our interior doors.

At this point we’ve also picked out our shingle color, bath tubs, toilets, faucets (kitchen and bathrooms), and a kitchen sink.


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