Flooring Selections

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Today we went to Casey Carpet One Floor & Home in Amarillo to pick out flooring for our new home.  Dustin was super helpful, and we’re excited about our selections.  They had everything we were looking for.


We had initially thought that we wanted hardwood flooring in the entryway.  The more we thought about it, the more we decided we didn’t want it.  It’s expensive, and between Tibby going crazy barking at the front door and a house with young child(ren) in it, we figured it wasn’t a wise use of our money.  We like the look of slate, but it’s also pricey and has a bit of texture to it (that would make cleaning not-fun).  We compromised with a slate-look tile (I don’t remember if it’s porcelain or ceramic or something else).  We’re going to use 12″x24″ rectangles.  This will have a tan-ish colored grout.  There was a lovely limestone tile that we really, really liked, but it was crazy expensive compared to this and needed to be sealed every few years.  We just couldn’t justify it.


Downstairs Bathroom Floor

Bryan really wanted to use penny round tile somewhere, so we chose to use them in the downstairs bathroom.  We’re using a light gray grout.


Kid/Upstairs Bathroom Floor

I wanted to use a hexagon tile somewhere, so we chose the kid/upstairs bathroom for that.  These are small, 1″ hexagons.  We’re using a light gray grout.


Master Bathroom Floor

Our current master bathroom has two Monet prints that we bought in Giverny on the wall, as well as two canvas prints of photos that I took during our trip to France (one of the coast of Etretat and one of the Eiffel tower).  We’re planning on using the same decor in our new master bathroom, and we thought that a classic black and white tile would look nice with it.  We chose to go with a smaller black and white basket-weave tile with white grout.


Tub Surrounds / Master Shower

We didn’t take a picture of it, but we chose to use glossy, 3″x6″ white subway tiles for all 3 tub surrounds and for the master shower.  The master shower floor will be the same black and white basket weave tile that we chose for the master bathroom floor.

Laundry Room

I wanted to use a “fun” tile somewhere, and the laundry room seemed to be the best option for that.  We were excited to find a tile that we liked in warm/brown tones (everything seems to be black/white/gray these days).  This one is going to have a slate gray grout.


Kitchen/Dining Area/Mudroom/Hallway

For this area, we chose to use Forbo Marmoleum.  We realize that linoleum is an unconventional (super-not-trendy) choice, but we feel like it’s a good option for us.  We LOVE the way it looks.  It’s easy to install.  It’s in the same price range that tile would be in.  It’s maintenance-free.  It doesn’t feel cold.  It’s not hard.  It wears really well.  Recently divers explored relics for the 100-year anniversary of the Titanic and discovered lots of Marmoleum flooring that was still intact in the cabins after being underwater for 100 years!  We’re using 12″x 36″ tiles in the Van Gogh colorway (right) with a walnut border (left).


Screened-in Patio

We really wanted to use a thin-brick type tile for our screened-in patio.  We’re excited about this one (despite the fact that it may not be easy to keep clean).


Living Room/Study/Stairs/Bedroom

We chose to install carpet in all of our bedrooms, on the stairs, and in the living room and study.  Yes, we’re weird, and we like carpet.  Don’t worry — I have a good vacuum cleaner.  We will be installing an upgraded pad for extra cushion.  I don’t remember the brand or anything about the option that we picked; the color is “sandstone.”


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