The Louvre – Egyptian Antiquities


We spent a small amount of our time at The Louvre looking at the Egyptian antiquities collection.  I suspect that we would have spent more time in that area of the museum had we not spent so much time in the Egyptian antiquities section at the The Metropolitan Museum of Art just five months earlier.  I find objects from Egypt fascinating and wanted to share the a few of my favorite photos from The Louvre’s collection of Egyptian antiquities.

Statue du dieu Horus

Statue du dieu Horus

The Seated Scribe (bel0w) has intrigued museum-goers for years. It was carved from white limestone, and its colors have been fairly well-preserved given the age of the statue.  This video provides interesting commentary on the statue.

The Seated Scribe

2600 – 2350 B.C.

Grand Sphinx

Grand Sphinx

Sistrum Fragment in the Shape of a Hathor Head
Egypt 664 -525 B.C.

Amethyst is my birthstone (I was born in February), so I was excited to see this lovely necklace made of amethyst beads.

Amethyst Necklace

Six des sphinx qui bordaient l’allée menant au Sérapéum de Saqqara

Statue of the goddess Sekhmet

Le Roi Séthi II

Le Roi Ramses II

Le dieu Bès


One thought on “The Louvre – Egyptian Antiquities

  1. Hugh Speirs says:

    Sarah, well done. Re: statue of Horus (Room 7 ?), sometime please try to photograph the head from level or slightly from above. ‘They’ like to say that the god is making an offering. After spending much time looking at from my 6’6″ height, I am convinced this is actually the reverse! If you can stand on something so as to be able to look along those hands you may feel as I did – completely drawn in !! I still get hair standing on my neck when I think of it. Imagination? Who knows. For me the sensation was very real. Apart from my wife (who had to rescue me!) I have not shared this, but would like to share it with you. /Hugh Speirs, artist, Australia.


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